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People with ME/CFS will often consider what supplements might help the condition.

There is no end to how many supplements you could take and how much money you could spend.

The following is designed to act as a starting point, rather than a comprehensive list of supplements, as recommended by Doctors who specialise in working with people with ME/CFS.

Points to consider

1. Medical Caution

Consult your Doctor before taking supplements, especially if you have health issues or are taking prescribed medication.

2. Keep It Simple

Stay within your budget. I know of people who take endless supplements, but who say they haven’t made improvements. It may be because they haven’t addressed the fundamentals. Read more about addressing the fundamentals here

3. Consider Working With A Qualified Practitioner

Find a doctor trained in Nutritional Medicine, or a good Naturopath. Be diligent, do your research, ask around. If you feel uncomfortable about the practitioner for whatever reason; for example, if you being asked or coerced to commit vast amounts of money that you don’t have, walk away.

4. We Are Unique

What works for one may not work for another. In fact something that works for one person may cause symptoms in another person.

5. Over-Stimulation

Some supplements can over-stimulate some people, which is why it is advisable to find a qualified practitioner.

What To Take

Depending on your budget, you may consider the following as recommended by Dr Sarah Myhill and Dr Jacob Teitelbaum.

Dr Sarah Myhill’s book  Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an excellent resource and will give you an overview of her approach.

Dr Sarah Myhill recommends the following as part of a ‘Basic Package’:

1. Multi-Vitamins And Mineral Supplements

BioCare multivitamin/mineral 
One daily taken in the morning.

Multi Mineral Mix (MMM)
This is mixed with water or juice- dose is worked out according to body weight, so read instructions carefully.

N.B. This will provide the body at between 4000 – 5000 i.u of Vitamin D3/day at the proper daily dose of MMM.

Dr Myhill suggests that if you are not taking MMM, that you should be adding 5000 i.u. of Vitamin D3/day to your regime.

Medical Caution: Multi Mineral Mix (MMM) is not to be confused with Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). The Food Standards Agency has issued a warning not to consume MMS.

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, and ME/CFS Expert Doctor in the USA recommends Daily Energy Enfusion (Integrative Therapeutics)

He says “This vitamin/mineral+ powder supplies the 50 key food micronutrients people need, at optimal levels. It is an outstanding multi for everyone, with 1 drink replacing over 35 pills.”

There is research that show that taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement can be beneficial to ME/CFS sufferers.

2. Essential fatty acids
VegEPA capsules 2-4 daily

Dr Teitelbaum recommends EurOmega 3 (EuroMedica). He says “This is the omega 3 supplement I use, as 1 tablet a day replaces 8 regular fish oil caps.”

3. Vitamin C
2-4g as ascorbic acid last thing at night.

Some people can’t tolerate this and are sensitive to ascorbic acid. If not tolerated, use BioCare Vitamin C 500, as magnesium ascorbate- 4-8 capsules.

Mitochondria Support

Dr Myhill suggests that following tests, the following might be recommended for Mitochondria support:

Acetyl-L-carnatine 1 gram x2/day (some people may react to this; hence why you should work with a qualified professional).

D-ribose  2.5g x5/day

Co-enzyme Q10 (Co-Q10) ubiquinol 200 – 300 mgs

Research shows that Ubiquinol-10 supplementation improves autonomic nervous function and cognitive function in chronic fatigue syndrome. Read here

Niacanamide 500 – 1500mg

Magnesium sulphate 1/2ml subcutaneous injection (discuss with Doctor) or 200mg magnesium chloride orally.

Antioxidant Status

Front Line Antioxidants

Subject to test results- Dr Myhill routinely tests for antioxidants and will advocate taking antioxidants according to results; this may include B12, copper, zinc and manganese.

Consequently it is best not to self medicate, but to work with a qualified Practitioner.

Second Line Antioxidants

A good diet, following the Stone Age diet and taking also the vitamin and mineral supplements suggested, will provide the body with the following:

Vitamin A
Some of the B vitamins
Vitamin E
vitamin K

Pain Relief

Dr Teitelbaum recommends the following (his comments quoted):

1. Curaphen (EuroMedica)
“This mix of a very high absorption Curcumin plus Boswellia, DLPA and Natto is, simply put, a Pain Relief Miracle. Give it 6 weeks to see the full effect. Amazing!”

2. Comfrey Topical cream for pain- called TraumaPlant  (EuroMedica)

3. CuraPro (EuroMedica)
“The only Curcumin I use, as it has tremendous absorption. One pill replaces 7 of the next best. For inflammation, and more.”

4. End Pain (Integrative Therapeutics)
“An excellent herbal mix. Can combine with the Curaphen and topical comfrey.”


Dr Teitelbaum recommends Revitalizing Sleep Formula (Integrative Therapeutics)
“This mix of 6 herbs leaves most people sleeping like puppies.”

Adrenal Fatigue

Dr Teitelbaum recommends Adrenal Stress End (Integrative Therapeutics).
As previously mentioned in the article on Adrenal fatigue, a Doctor recommended that I take ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Resources/Further Reading

Dr Sarah Myhill’s book Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an excellent resource and will give you an overview of her approach.

Five Supplement Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME/CFS Supplements Poll

Research showing that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride (NADH), probiotics, high cocoa polyphenol rich chocolate, and a combination of NADH and coenzyme Q10.

Supplement Companies

Biocare Quote P6852 for 15% Discount


Integrative Therapeutics


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