My Easter Dream

Some years ago, when I had ME/CFS, I went to bed the night before Easter Sunday.

I had an interesting and powerful dream. It was one of those dreams that was so vivid, that it stayed with me.

In my dream, I was climbing the steep slope of a snow covered mountain. As I climbed, I had to focus intently on what I was doing. I had to proceed slowly, with care. At one point, I slipped back down the mountain, perhaps 20 feet.

I felt frustrated by this setback, which had happened many times.

I saw a gap in the snow, which led to a cave and climbed in to catch my breath. I collapsed on the floor, exhausted.

I metaphorically licked my wounds and at a certain point, I let go of the frustration and just relaxed.

I told myself that I just had to keep at it, keep doing my best, there would be knock-backs.

I just had to deal with them.

And when I was ready, I had to get back out on the mountain and carry on.

I don’t think that the dream needs much explanation in terms of significance and meaning.

Although it may be interesting to share why the image of a snow-capped mountain was in the dream.

Some time earlier in the year- I can’t exactly remember when, I’d heard some chap I’d never heard of, called Bear Grylls, being interviewed about his first published book, Facing Up, published 2000.

The book was his account of recovering from a broken back after his parachute failed to open properly, and deciding to climb Everest.

He achieved it and became the youngest British climber to reach the top and return alive.

It really stuck in my mind.

I was given the book the following Christmas, but didn’t get round to reading till the following summer, whilst on holiday.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.

It turns out that when he joined the army, he had the option of officer training, but opted to train as a soldier and enjoyed the camaraderie of being one.

It became clear from reading the book that he is a man of immense courage, spirit and an all round good chap.

What piqued my interest was that at one point in the book, he was writing in his diary. He said that this day in the expedition was his favourite day of the year- Easter Sunday!

That dream stuck in my head and there have many times that I have reminded myself of the messages I took from the dream.

In particular, that I will slip up and that’s ok. It’s part of life and it is crucial to be kind and compassionate to myself when I do.

Believe me, there have been times when I haven’t been kind and compassionate to myself.

I used to be good at beating myself up. I’m not so good at it now.

I wonder what dreams you have had that have given you courage when you have had a challenge to deal with, are feeling overwhelmed or low?

Wishing you good health and a good Easter break!



simon  SIMON PIMENTA is a hypnotherapist, coach and trainer working with people to boost resilience and performance, and minimise stress.

After working in a demanding job as the Director of a Housing Trust, he went off sick and remained unable to work for the next 8 years.

He discovered a pioneering approach to resolving health issues and got back his health, and now trains others using these same techniques.

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8 Responses to My Easter Dream

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks again Simon. My dreams, with similarities to yours are mountainous with a strong sense to take care, knowing that the goal is possible. Happy holidays.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Thank you, Simon! I had a falling down day yesterday but today, Easter, I am bright once more. Here is a poem I wrote:


    If death
    does not
    have the
    last word
    then all
    is possible.

    We do not
    have to be
    horrible to
    one another.

    We can cease
    being greedy
    and exploiting
    each other
    and the earth.

    Hope will

    looks a lot
    like laughter
    and tenderness.

    And all
    shall be

    • Simon says:

      Sorry to hear about the falling dow, Kathryn. Glad you have recovered. And thanks for your poem. I agree with your sentiments!

  3. Heidi Rueda says:

    This is beautiful and inspiring – thanks for sharing Simon!

  4. Heidi Rueda says:

    This is beautiful and inspiring – thanks for sharing!

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