Hypnotherapy is therapy that is undertaken when the client is in a hypnotic state. Simply put, we are in different states of mind all the time. These states of mind can be powerful. Some are helpful, for instance when we are completely focused on a task, some are unhelpful, for instance when we are being self critical in a negative way.

Hypnotherapy works on the understanding that we are able to change our state of mind so that our unconscious mind is accessible and our conscious mind is less dominant. By helping the client access a more resourceful state, they are able to find creative ways of looking at and resolving issues. The therapeutic use of hypnosis was greatly developed by Milton H Erickson, an American psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy.

Clients may have concerns about hypnotherapy based on what they have seen on the television, where they have seen people behave in bizarre ways. Some things to consider are that:

  1. The job of a clinical hypnotherapist is to act with integrity and to use hypnosis to help the client.
  2. The client won’t necessarily remember every thing that happens in the session, in the same way that they wouldn’t remember every detail of a film they watched.
  3. The client still has the ability to choose what information to divulge.
  4. The client remains in control during the session.

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