ME/CFS: 6 Steps To Beating Binge & Bust

Maslow’s hierarchy proposes the theory that people are motivated to meet their needs in order to thrive, from basic needs; physiological needs, to higher needs; such as self esteem, self-actualization and self-transcendence (a term he added some years after the initial model he proposed).

We all have needs, that if not met, will have consequences.

I appreciate that getting your needs met when you have ME/CFS and don’t have the support you need, can make life difficult.

Binge & Bust 

One thing I noticed when I had ME/CFS, is that I would go through a cycle where I would: Continue reading

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ME/CFS: 5 Steps For Saying No

In Danny Wallace’s book, Yes Man (a very funny, daft and uplifting book), the author meets a man on a bus who tells him to say yes more, in response to hearing Danny say he has got stuck in a rut.

He sets himself the challenge of saying yes to everything. It results in many adventures, some amusing, some potentially detrimental. For example, he nearly ended up in a fight and if I recall correctly, taking some pills of dubious quality he bought online.

One of his learnings from the experience is that he needed to be discerning and say no in some situations!

Anyone with ME/CFS would love to be able to say yes more, but are unable to due to extreme physical and mental exhaustion, and other symptoms. Continue reading

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ME/CFS: Are You A Helper?

A trait often present in people with ME/CFS is that of the helper.

This is the person who is keen to help others.

It can be a good trait.

However it can also become an unhelpful one, that is detrimental to the person doing the helping, because they are not taking care of their own needs.

Continue reading

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5 Steps To Becoming Solution Focussed

In this post, Coach and Trainer  Simon Pimenta explores the topic of  how we can shift from over-focussing on problems to being solution focussed.

Some people tend to focus on and dwell on a problem, whilst others, having identified a problem, very quickly start to focus on considering solutions.

One way of spotting when people are getting stuck on a problem, Continue reading

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Is Stress Affecting Your ME/CFS?

In this post, former ME/CFS sufferer and Coach Simon Pimenta explores the topic of:
1. What stress is
2. A simple strategy for assessing how much stress you might be experiencing

3. How you can identify strategies to reduce stress, that may result in health and energy benefits.

What Is Stress?

When I ask people this question, people will often say that stress is:

The feeling of being out of control
Sweaty palms, heart beating ten to the dozen, etc.
The really big stuff- starting a new job, moving house, giving birth, dealing with a loss

Definition Of Stress

Continue reading

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My Easter Dream

Some years ago, when I had ME/CFS, I went to bed the night before Easter Sunday.

I had an interesting and powerful dream. It was one of those dreams that was so vivid, that it stayed with me.

In my dream, I was climbing the steep slope of a snow covered mountain. As I climbed, I had to focus intently on what I was doing. I had to proceed slowly, with care. At one point, I slipped back down the mountain, perhaps 20 feet.

I felt frustrated by this setback, which had happened many times. Continue reading

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ME/CFS & Exercise

In this post, former ME/CFS sufferer and Coach Simon Pimenta explores the topic of  how ME/CFS sufferers can approach exercise without triggering symptoms.

There are many benefits of exercise. There is strong evidence that being physically active is good for your health and has a protective effect.

It has the following beneficial effects:
It improves immune function
It improves brain function: studies show it improves intelligence
It protects body against stress
It improves general body function

Exercise should include: Continue reading

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Heidi’s CFS Story

Heidi suffered with from CFS for 4 years. She had to stop working. Over a year ago, she decided to do the Building Resilience Training.

In this brief video, she talks about life with CFS, her thoughts about the course and the progress she has made.



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ME/CFS: Why Aren’t The Supplements Working?

In this post, former ME/CFS sufferer and Coach Simon Pimenta explores why supplements might not have a noticeable effect on health and wellbeing for ME/CFS sufferers.

Someone asked me “Why do some people get better just by taking supplements, but others don’t?”

This is a question that Doctor John Briffa, who had degrees in Nutritional Medicine and Immunology, asked me after I had recovered.

I went to see him soon after I developed ME/CFS.

He prescribed supplements and advocated dietary changes to address leaky gut, candida, and adrenal fatigue. Continue reading

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ME/CFS: Addressing The Fundamentals

In this post, former ME/CFS sufferer and Coach Simon Pimenta briefly outlines what he believes may be 6 Strategies that may be important to consider as a starting point for anyone who has ME/CFS. 

Some of these topics I have addressed already, some I will explore in more detail soon.

ME/CFS & The Fundamentals 

i. Diet
I am sure most people are familiar with the adage ‘We are what we eat’. Simple changes to diet can be beneficial. Some people notice the difference that these changes make. For others it may be more subtle or not noticeable, but there is science that backs up how our diet can affect health and energy. See posts on diet here Continue reading

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