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building resilience

the training

You learn a technique that may help you to identify unhelpful and interrupt responses and create more useful ones. For example, instead of dwelling from a mistake, perhaps overdoing it, and chastising yourself, responding with calm and compassion.

When the parasympathetic nervous system (PN) is activated, this stops the fight or flight response. The PN facilitates creation and storage of energy, refreshing sleep, mental clarity and a healthy  immune system.

You practice a technique until it becomes a quick, automatic skill you can use anywhere, whenever you choose.

course content

1: Identify

The training starts with a series of exercises to identify both helpful and unhelpful responses. Some of these responses have become so unconscious and automatic, we don’t even realise we are doing them.

Participants often report that module one is a revelation, as they leave with a new skill that enables them to spot their unhelpful:

internal soundtracks and movies

language patterns

ways of editing information

The training explains how these affect us physically via the fight or flight response (often called the stress response)

2: Interrupt

You learn techniques that may disrupt the unhelpful responses – as they occur. 

This includes the responses you weren’t aware of before the training, and also those habits you do know about, that keep getting in the way.

3: Create

At the core of training is a technique that shows you how you may influence your response to everyday events. 

You practice the technique – in the training room and in private – until it becomes a quick, automatic, skill you can use anywhere.

structure of the training

Module 1

Core Concepts

Module 2

Mindset: Thinking Patterns
Memory and Imagination Part 1
States of Mind

Module 3 

Mindset: Language Patterns
Memory and Imagination Part 2
States of Mind Part 2

Modules 1-3 includes video/course materials

Module 4

Relationship To Self Part 1

Module 5

Relationship To Self Part 2

Module 6

Relationship To Others
Assertive Communication

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