Assertiveness Communication At Work Training

We often expend unnecessary energy negotiating in personal, social or professional relationships when we don’t say what we really mean, or are concerned about upsetting others.

The Assertiveness Communication At Work Training Course you will learn techniques and strategies to help make communicating clearer and less stressful.

Aims of Assertiveness Training:

  1. Communicate assertively
  2. Manage people communicating unassertively
  3. Become a more effective communicator
  4. Distinguish between assertive and other types of communication

Course Outline:

Introduction and Overview
Defining Different types of Communication
Consequences of Unassertive Communication
Defining Assertive Communication
Assertive Communication and Body Language
Dealing With Challenging Behaviour
Practicing Assertive Communication

Course Outcomes:

Participants will develop the skills of Assertive Communication:

  • Processing Skills
  • Communication Skills: how to describe events objectively and express feelings appropriately
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Creating win/win strategies
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour

What Participants Have Said About The Training

‘I found the course really helpful. Just need to put the techniques into practice!’

‘The teaching on the assertiveness course was very clear with good examples illustrating different kinds of behaviour which made it easier to understand.’

‘It was really great to learn this skill. Highlighting practical example was also really helpful. Simon is a clear trainer who is interesting and able to get the message across in an engaging way.’

‘I liked the relaxed and open atmosphere and sharing of experience.’


Cost of the Training:

£250 (or £200 as part of the Building Resilience training) one to one training in the UK. Cost includes one hour follow up session.

Group sessions by arrangement.

Contact Details:

T:    020 8299 9534
M:    07906 568 843